2019 North Dakota Horse Expo Presents: Mustang Makeover

Don't Miss Out on this event or the great prizes in store!

The trainers will be competing for cash and prizes! There will be 6 Mustangs in the competition. 1st place wins a choice of keeping the Mustang or 100% of the funds raised from the auction of the Mustang immediately following the competition. 2nd place gets 50% of funds raised on the Mustang. 3rd through 6th will receive prizes in the form of items or gift certificates. Money added for prizes is pending.

Please keep in mind this is our first competition like this. We understand the money and hard work it takes to train a mustang and the prize may not compensate for the time put into the mustang. This event was created to assist the BLM in raising awareness about adoption for these horses and the Mustang as a breed's capability to be a great partner in any discipline.

This is a great opportunity for trainers to showcase their training skills and training program.

This event will not be a success without people interested in purchasing a mustang. We encourage anyone interested in adopting or purchasing a competition mustang to attend this event. The BLM will bring burros and mustang's who have been through their TIP program for adoption at the expo as well as providing us with the 6 mustang's for the competition. All animals will have a current health cert and coggins. TIP graduated animals will be halter broke, be able to pick up feet and will be able to load into a trailer.

Rules & Requirements:

  • Trainers MUST meet the requirements detailed in the application form
  • Trainers MUST pass the reference and interview
  • Trainers will need to meet the NDHE and BLM in Bismarck, in an approved trailer at the end of February, to pick up the Mustang
  • A stall will be provided for the Mustang during the NDHE
  • The Mustang MUST be at the ENTIRE event Friday until Sunday (competition and sale take place on Saturday, June 1st)

Competition Information:

  • Competition will entail the mustang completing an obstacle course challenge
  • Each rider and Mustang will receive points from judges during this challenge
  • Finally, each group will get an opportunity to freestyle and really strut their stuff to a song of their choosing!

Other Important Information:

  • Advertising for the trainer and the training program will be included on the Facebook page, the Website, and during the event with a booth or banners
  • The BLM will provide additional Mustangs and Burros for adoption at the NDHE!
  • The animals will be gradutes of the TIP program and will be able to be haltered, lead, pick up feet and loaded into a trailer!
  • For more information, please visit their website by clicking the button below!