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Rodney Yost is a 4th generation South Dakota rancher who has been involved with ranching and horse customs his entire life. He's been horseback since he was a child on his family's ranch, started training ponies at the age of 10, and trained his first horse at the age of 13. Since then, he has become one of the top horse trainers and clinicians in South Dakota and throughout the Midwest. Over the past few years, Rodney has instructed horsemanship clinics and demonstrations for all ages and riding levels. His unique training style and sense of humor has made him a sought after horsemanship clinician throughout the United States and Canada. He is the first and only 5-time champion of the Crosswinds Ranch Colt Training Challenge, and has won multiple Ranch Horse Colt Futurity competitions. He has become known for creating a relationship with his horses to produce extremely supple, well-mannered, and responsive horses that are capable of excelling in many disciplines.

Growing up in the heart of cattle-country in South Dakota, Rodney developed a love for the land and livestock at an early age. Over the years, this partnership with the ranching lifestyle has blossomed into a progressive mindset regarding his family-owned and operated Broadaxe Ranch, along with its expansive commercial cattle herd, and American Quarter Horse breeding and training program.

What started out as a necessity of the Broadaxe Ranch operation, breeding and training their own horses for ranch use, Rodney Yost Horsemanship naturally developed through many years of on-the-job learning and real life experiences of utilizing horses for everyday ranch work. For a horseman or horsewoman of any level to have the opportunity of an enjoyable, successful, and productive experience while horseback, Rodney believes it is clearly essential to have the correct tools and philosophy to enable all riders the ability to develop a horse that can pull the throttle back to sit, relax, and go slowly at times, while likewise having the ability to step down on the gas pedal when needed in the heat of the action. Horses that have the training, foundation, and ability to make that distinction easily rise to the top and become the cream of the crop in all disciplines.

Rodney Yost Horsemanship Demonstrations and Ride-Along Clinics aim to demonstrate, teach, and enable everyone to have a variation of hypothetical tools, a common-sense training mindset, combined with the most elite training techniques. Along with Rodney's personal learning experiences over the years, Rodney Yost Horsemanship works tirelessly to give all individuals insight regarding the natural instinct, thinking process, and behavior of a horse in an effort to "help the horse to teach itself".

For more information on scheduling a Rodney Yost Horsemanship Clinic or Demonstration in your area, please contact Rodney Yost at (605)-680-0004, go to to check out his family's Broadaxe Ranch website, or follow the social media pages of --- "Rodney Yost Horsemanship" --- "Broadaxe Ranch" --- "Rodney Yost" --- on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat (roosteryost).


"Colt Starting Clinic"

This clinic will only be open to 4 participants. Horses participating must be able to be lead into the round pen. Training level after that isn't required. You may bring a horse that is completely "untrained" or you may bring a horse that has been saddled or ridden before. depending on your goals with the horse, Rodney will do his best to advance you in your colt training as possible during the 3 day event. Each rider will get a one on one session with Rodney in the round pen Friday, then 3 additional sessions in a group of 4 in an individual round pen in the all seasons arena. Each participant is required to attend all 5 colt starting demonstrations to be informed about the training techniques and terminology they will be using on their colts in the sessions. Helmets are required.

"Green Horse" Clinic

Rodney will assist 4 riders in one 60 min session per day during the 3 day expo with their recently trained horses in gaining control of their horses movements by applying some of the techniques demonstrated in the colt starting clinic as well as some new aids in gaining softness, feel and control to build confidence in horse and rider. Pre requisites for this clinic are as follows:

  1. Horse must be willing accept a saddle
  2. Riders can safely mount
  3. When asked, a horse should be able to safely perform a walk, trot, stop, back up and lope controlled circles.
  4. Helmets are required. (Not provided)

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SESSION #1: "Introductions/Handshake"~

• Introduction between colt and trainer (Establish A Relationship)

• Establish "essential foundations"

• First Physical Contact

• Cool Down

~SESSION #2: "Re-Introduction & Saddle Prep"~

• Re-establishment and brief review of Session #1 content to ensure that colt is "mentally on board" and "First steps of staircase are well-built"

• Advancement of "Body Control" via halter contact and body position of trainer

• "Belly Rope" Technique

• Introduction to "Weight Bearing"

• Introduction to the "Bareback Pad"

• Getting On with the Bareback Pad

• Cool Down while reviewing and rewarding previously established fundamentals

"The Control Panel to the Body"

~SESSION #3: "Review Saddle Prep & The 1st Saddling"~

• Brief review of previous sessions

• Is the colt in a positive state of mind, willing, and ready to advance to the "Next Step on the Staircase"?

• Brief review of the "Saddle Prep" process if necessary

• Discussion on proper pad selection, saddle selection, and placement to accomplish a proper fit

• "To Hobble or Not To Hobble"

• Introduce the saddle

• "Safe Saddling"

• Re-establish and capitalize on the colt's prior knowledge and accomplishments to advance and correlate to the next stage


• Same fundamentals are essential


~SESSION #4: "Review Saddling & 2nd Ride Under Saddle"~

• Brief review of previous skills and sessions

• Reviews should theoretically become more brief as the colt's commitment to trainer becomes stronger, and their knowledge becomes more broad

• "Safe Saddling"

• Prior to saddling & after saddling, be sure that colt "feels normal" and the "stairs are solid"

• "Pre-flight Checklist"

• Re-establish motion/impulsion as a priority

• Begin to advance in areas of body control, softness, flexion, the "Zero-10 Scale", connection to feet


• "FREE WILLY" Technique


~SESSION #5: "Final Session/3rd Ride Under Saddle"~

• Culminating review of previous sessions, techniques, and goals

• "Does the colt feel NORMAL"


• "Pre-flight Checklist"

• Re-establish fundamentals on ground and in saddle

• Review and Advance previously learned skills and techniques




• Introduction to "The BUMP" Technique

• Introduction of the "ROCK THE BOAT" Technique


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